Negative spaces make creatives better. As a copywriter, it is as much the job to condense as it is to write.

Because messages often rest in the spaces unsaid.

The void of a post, delicately arranged around an empty circle. The void of unfilled paper, and the many possibilities therein.

This is the first in a four-part series inspired from music and the memory of a place it brings up. I’d envisioned this story as being read with this soundtrack playing gently in the background, and I hope you get a chance to experience it that way, too. …

Dear hope,

These are the things I love about you.

I love your rugged edges under that clean demeanour.

I love how your eyes light up at the prospect of the next new thing.

I love your deep baritone.

No one who’s ever heard you speak can deny the joy…

A dream so real, waking up feels unbearable.

That’s the nature of your haunting- you come to me when I’ve let my guard down for the day.

Warning isn’t your style, perhaps, or maybe you’re afraid, too. Of Us.

You pull up a chair next to me, and comfortably exist…


Currently telling stories of the heart through poetry and prose. When not obsessed with my feelings, I also work as a freelance copywriter.

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